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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Why are you giving away free lottery pools?
A. Because someone else is paying for the numbers. Our marketing partners put up the money to buy the numbers for the pools.
Q. What is the difference between a lottery number and a lottery ticket?
A. Lottery numbers are purchased in sets of six numbers sometimes referred to as a "Line Of Numbers". Tickets are the printed paper document received from the lottery agents that include the "Line(s) Of Numbers".

This can be confusing because the printed paper "ticket" received from the lottery agents can include multiple "Lines" of six numbers.

Note: For the purpose of our pools "Lines of Six Numbers" refer to the lottery numbers and tickets refer to the actual printed document we receive from the lottery agents. Pools do not always include all of the "Lines" of numbers that are printed on one paper ticket.
Q. Are these real lottery numbers?
A. Yes.

These are real tickets purchase from the licensed lottery agents. You can see a picture [image] of the actual lottery tickets.

Go to a pool and the link is located on the pool display. Look for the statement "See the actual numbers, Click Here" above the numbers on any pool. When you click on the link a new window will open and display an image of the actual lottery ticket.

Note: We keep the actual tickets on file and we maintain a backup of the database with all pool numbers and the members of each pool.
Q. How do I win?
A. If you are twenty one or over and you have a confirmed share in a pool with a winning number, for the drawing period then you win.
Q. How do I join a pool?
A. It's really very easy:
  • You need a lucky number that matches one of the numbers in the pool.
  • You need a valid email address.

  • You may join for free.

  • You must be at least eighteen years of age to join a pool.
  • Only ONE email address may be used to join the free pools.
  • If the country of your residence requires a higher age requirement then eighteen years of age, the age rule of the country of your residence applies.
Q. How long do shares in a pool last?
A. Shares last until the end of the drawing period.
Note: The drawing for MegaMillions is on Tuesday and Friday night and the Powerball drawing is Wednesday and Saturday. Your membership is good for one drawing period of Tuesday / Wednesday OR Friday / Saturday. After the drawing period you MUST re-join a pool to be a member of that pool.
Q. Do I have to rejoin a pool every time after each drawing period?
A. Yes, because you will receive a new Lucky Number.
Q. What if a "Line Of Numbers" in a pool is a winner?
A. If you are a member of the pool, for that date, then you are a winner.
Q. May I be in more then one pool?
A. Yes, as long as your lucky number matches one of the numbers in the pool, for that date.
Q. May I use more then one email address to join the pools?
A. No, if you are a free member. It is very important to keep our pools fair for everyone. Anyone violating this rule will be removed from our pools. Read the "Email Address" section in the Rules to clarify this issue.
Q. If a "Line Of Numbers" wins do you really let everyone in the pool be a winner or is this just a scam?
A. We have been offering various types of pools since we first started back in 2001. Can you imagine all of the bad publicity we would receive if this was just a hoax? Sponsors would drop us in a minute and we would be out of business before sundown. We really do offer free lottery pools.
Q. Do I have to give you a bunch of personal information when I join a pool?
A. No, but we need your email address so you can join a pool.
Important: If your lucky number matches a number in a pool you must signup to join a pool. All you need is your name and email address to signup.
Q. What happens if a "Line Of Numbers" in a pool is a winner?
A. It depends on how many matching numbers are in the line.
Three or four winning numbers generally pay out $3 to $100. Because the amount is small we cash in the numbers and use the funds to purchase additional lottery numbers for our pools.
Five winning numbers generally pays out $100,000 or higher and six matching numbers will make you an instant millionaire.
  • First the winning numbers go to our attorney.
  • The attorney handles cashing in the winning numbers.
  • A small amount of the total winnings are set aside to cover attorney and administrative expenses.
  • The remainder of the funds will be distributed based on the share value for the pool and the number of shares you have for the pool.

    Note: The maximum you can win is the share value times the number of shares in the pool.

  • Winners will be notified, by registered mail, by the attorney, regarding the distribution of the winning proceeds.
Note: If there is a winner and you are a member of a winning pool, you will receive an email from us. If there is a really big winning pool and you are a part of that pool you will receive a certified letter from our corporate attorney.
Q. Is there a big advantage to being a Member?
A. Yes, it's free and members get first choice at joining a pool. Right after we post the new ticket numbers we notify are members first. This is a huge advantage.
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